Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last post

Hey guys,

I've been putting this off because I wasn't sure how to phrase it, but with my next YA book being so up in the air, I felt the need to post this.

I won't be publishing any more books under this pen name.

That's right. I'm shutting it down. I probably won't do anything under K.D. Jones either because while I love reading epic fantasy, it's too much of a PITA to write.

That's part of the reason why I've stopped writing YA. I wouldn't say I've outgrown it by any means, but I definitely don't enjoy writing it nearly as much as I used to.

Well, if I haven't been writing YA, what have I been doing? For starters, learning the ropes of copyediting. I'm almost done with a certificate program, and I hope to someday officially open up shop for that skill once I gain more experience. I enjoy it because it makes me use a different side of my brain than I do for writing. It's nice to turn off my creative faucet every now and then.

I've also been reading and writing a lot more adult-oriented books. (No, not erotica. =p) Just books meant for women and men, not teens. I feel a lot more freedom writing it because you don't have to worry about target audience restrictions. The writer I started out as a few years ago loved YA (and I still love reading it), but the writer I am now enjoys writing for adults much more.

I don't want to write or publish subpar material, which is why I'm not writing anymore books for teens. The heart just isn't there in the writing. The prose is bland, and as a writer that loves weaving suspense into her stories, that isn't good enough. I want to write books people will enjoy, not fall asleep through.

Sorry if this is disappointing anyone who was looking forward to the fairy book. Please don't email me asking to see it, because while finished, it's a wreck. I feel bad enough shoving my WIPs onto beta readers, let alone regular readers.

Thank you guys for supporting me through the years. I appreciate all the wonderful people I've met. I'll be leaving the Red Sector Chronicles trilogy up since it's complete, though the covers will be getting makeovers to reflect current trends. They're a bit outdated. Snow White will stay up too at this site, as I'll probably be nixing the other domain once it expires.

Also (because I know you're going to ask), I won't be sharing my adult fiction pen name. I honestly enjoy the anonymity and the freedom that brings. I might come out of the pen name closet someday, but for now it's my secret.

Thank you all again for sharing the start of my writing journey. Here's to the future, whatever that may hold.