Sunday, June 28, 2015

Update on Kindle Unlimited

Far as I can tell, as books have been removed from other vendors. I'll enroll the complete Red Sector Chronicles, including Dark Knight, on Wednesday, July 1st, into Kindle Unlimited. A White So Red, under my epic fantasy pen name K. D. Jones, will also be enrolled in KU on July 1st. This is a three-month trial run, at which point I may decide to go wide again with distribution. Snap 'em up while you can, KU'ers!

Friday, June 19, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pulling 'The Red Sector Chronicles' from all other retailers

Hello. =) Long time, no post.

In light of recent changes with the KU program over at Amazon, I've decided to pull all of my Red Sector books (the trilogy, Aden's short story, and the omnibus edition) from all other retailers. Within a week, all those books will be gone from everywhere but Amazon. My Snow White story has also been taken down. I don't think she sold anything anywhere else anyway, so I went ahead and delisted her from all other vendors.

I'm announcing this now so if someone has just picked up the series, you know to snap up the other two books while you can. (Or buy the omnibus edition. It's much cheaper.) One week from today, they're all coming down and will be placed into KU for a trial run. If I don't reach readers there, I'll go wide again. We shall see.

Just a friendly heads-up to impending changes. Thanks for reading, and I'm thrilled to know so many of you have enjoyed Sloane's story.